Monday, March 10, 2014

some photos, as promised

I have been working on a few things this past weekend. Up first are some happy crocuses and a cheerful wheelbarrow from wild olive's Spring Stitching Club.

Then I worked on a sampler of stitches that I chose as I went along. I used some gingham fabric I have
had in my stash (for a long time) and some cheap floss I had picked up quite awhile ago. I figured these would be materials I could use up and not worry about the cost. I definitely need to keep practicing!

Finally, I started sewing my Liberty of London hexies together. I have an idea for a project and if all goes according to plan, I hope to post a tutorial of sorts. I made these hexies from scrap fabric my husband got me for Christmas and was planning to use them in another project--until I realized the project I wanted to use them in required 1.5 inch hexies (and these are 1 inch).

Thank you for looking! Have a great day!


  1. love all the stitching!!! and the hexies...great patterns!

    1. thanks jill! i have a bunch of quilting i need to finish, but all i want to do is embroider!